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Emperor Finance College "2019 Summer Exchange Tour”

In addition to re-energizing themselves, summer vacation is also a good time for university students to broaden their horizons. Sponsored by Emperor Financial Services Group, the "2019 Summer Exchange Tour” program was successfully completed. The program included 14 events and attracted more than 300 university students, mostly finance graduates from Chinese mainland universities in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other regions.

The exchange tour program offered a series of lectures on finance. Before the whole group of participants, Emperor Financial Services Group’s business representatives and research team analyzed the current situation of foreign exchange and gold markets and showcased the power of financial technology in the Internet era. Guided by the instructors, the participants tried their hands at writing research reports, and also participated in a simulation trading competition to experience for themselves how the financial investment market works. A perfect combination of course and practice, the training program has enhanced the financial knowledge of university students and cultivated their awareness of asset management.

In addition to studying in the offices of Emperor Financial Services Group, the participants visited the Hong Kong Monetary Authority to find out more about the regulatory system for Hong Kong’s financial institutions. Given that most of the university students participating in the program were about to graduate, the instructors also provided in-depth training on resume writing and interview skills, helping them with their later job search. After the exchange activities, all the students received a certificate of completion from Emperor Finance College.

Hong Kong, a city which perfectly marries traditional cultures with modern developments, has deeply impressed the participants. Some participants said that they “have increased their understanding about the current status of the financial market through the complete set of exchange tour courses”. Some participants commented that "the exchange tour enabled them to make friends with students from different parts of the world, and benefit a lot from the exchange of ideas."