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Continuous Professional Training Course 2019

In order for the staff of Emperor Financial Services Group (EFSG) to continuously improve their professional skills and knowledge, Emperor Finance College organised the annual "Continuous Professional Training Course 2019" at the Admiralty Centre in Admiralty on September 7. The training class was attended by more than 120 employees from a wide range of departments including the sales, dealing and research departments, as well as branches. Also present on the grand occasion were Mr. Michael Yeung, Chancellor of Emperor Finance College and CEO of EFSG, and several management.

The training class officially began at 1 pm. In addition to course sharing by EFSG’s representatives, this year’s event invited two senior instructors from the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society and MaxMedia Marketing Technology Company Limited The course was divided into five major sections. During the opening ceremony, Mr. Steven Fok, Emperor Group Information Security Officer shared his insights on” information security”. With more than 20 years of relevant experience, Mr. Steven provided case studies, enabling the participants to realise the importance of Internet information security and also know that personal data leakage often begins with casual and small habits, and that only strong information security awareness and persistent work habits help to keep us away from information risks. Next, Mr. Barry Yip from the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society lectured the participants on the”Principles and Applications of Blockchain”. Through his simple and easy-to-understand teaching, the participants learned how blockchain works and deepened their understanding of the market for encrypted assets.

Subsequently, Mr. Andrew Leung, Senior Manager of EFSG Research Department, and Ms. BianLeung, Emperor Group Legal Counsel also explored two topics: ”Wave Theory” and the ”Latest Information on Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing”. Wave theory is a set of market analysis methodologies proposed by US securities analysts. Mr. Andrew guided the participants to apply wave theory to many areas of life and work such as crude oil, gold price and commodity price. Anti-money laundering is a daily task for financial institutions. Ms.Bian’s lecture covered the definition of illegal money laundering, Hong Kong’s anti-money laundering legislation and EFSG’s anti-money laundering policy. The participants also shared cases of suspected money laundering they experienced at work with the instructors. With the help of Legal Counsel Bian, the participants strengthened their awareness of anti-money laundering and their screening ability. In the last section, Ms. Lily Tsoi, Executive Director ofMaxMedia Marketing Technology Company Limited, shared with the participants the “Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends in Mainland China in 2019”. Ms. Lily has many years of teaching experience in Internet marketing and WeChat public account operations. Apart from sharing the digital marketing trends in the Chinese mainland, she also talked about the Internet celebrity economy and WeChat communication skills during her lecture. Interesting and inspiring, her lecture deeply impressed every participant.

The five-hour course was successfully completed thanks to the instructors’ wonderful lecturing. During the course, the participants took notes carefully and interacted with the instructors actively. Hopefully, this continuous professional training course has helped the participants consolidate their financial knowledge and build a strong and steady position in the ever-changing financial market.