About Emperor Finance College

Rapid finance sector growth has been a driver of financial innovations in today's world. The ever-changing technological and global economic environment makes it incumbent upon industry practitioners and investors to continuously enrich their knowledge for keeping up with the fast-paced markets. Cultivating talent is at the core of the philosophy of the Emperor Financial Services Group (“EFSG”) and continuous efforts are being made to educate employees and clients alike, to enhance their understanding of the sector as well as the financial markets.

Committed to its people-oriented culture, Emperor Financial Services Group has launched Emperor Finance College(“EFC"), an educational program with a mission to develop employees’ professional abilities for fulfillment of their roles and to help clients understand the issues related to investment and to boost their understanding of the financial instruments and markets.

Founded in 1987, EFSG specializes in precious metals and forex trading services. Over the past four decades, EFSG has grown into a leading professional financial services company with a solid foundation, extensive network and professional service teams.